31 Powerful Essences Paperback Book

To Be A Woman™ 31 Powerful Essences Paperback Book

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This book is a book of Love, Honor & Wisdom. It is a gift. And it is alive. If you worQ with it, you will receive the messages which are divinely for you.

This book is to remind you that there is an energy so pure, so divine, so mystical, so powerful, that intertwines through your heart, connects you to your soul—that when you are connected, you are that magic. You are your own star. You are that pure manifestation of God’s creation, unique in its perfection, each and every time.

These 31 Essences are beautiful and a true gift to your Soul and from your Soul. Each Essence is a block of pure vibration, of light. You will awaken as many Essences as you are ready to receive; you will receive them from where you are in your life. As you read each Essence, more of you shall unfold. As you reread them, even more of you shall unfold and awaken to your own divine essence of who You are.

Blend these Essences and allow their vibration to guide you as you begin your journey. You will be moved and inspired as you connect to your Higher Self, and as you connect to and hear your Soul if you so choose. As you work with each Essence you bring yourself into alignment and have a clearer understanding of who you are BEing, and how you can be more in touch with your own divine Self. You will raise your love of SELF. You will begin to shine in your Essences, and in that shining you will inspire others.

This paperback version has focused and captured just The Essences to help and guide you to better support yourself through your own personal awakening. Each Essence carries a high vibrational energy that will be exchanged as you read. Its simple focus and strategy helps you stay clear on your 31 Essences without distraction. It is a step-by-step guide. Enjoy!

The To Be A Woman Signature Soul Series™ of books is a gift for you and the special people in your life. It is filled with an essence of love and awakening that inspires you to reconnect soulfully to who you really are. One step, one essence at a time, unfolding a lifetime of rewards.

Gift Yourself and the special people in your life.

A nightstand keeper! This book gives empowerment back! It reminds the reader that she is valued and has the tools through the daily “essence” exercise to shift her true nature into alignment where change can truly be realized. A beautiful tool for any woman who is starting or well into her journey of life. The book is a great gift for a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, best friend or someone who is would benefit from an internal awakening.  ~The Indiana Chronicle

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