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The Gratitude Journal was created to help you Raise Your Energy to Attract Your Goals and Dreams. It is a tool for Connection, Acknowledgment and Empowerment.

Being in gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to raise the vibration of your energy, and yet most of us spend little time fully immersed in The Essence of Gratitude. Writing down what we are grateful for empowers us to hold greater space for gratitude in our hearts. Each page is designed to have you create the space within yourself to raise your own vibration, to bring in your wishes, your dreams and goals into your life.

Gratitude and love hold the highest vibration. Gratitude is a huge attractor; wouldn’t it make sense to get yourself into this state of being to be all that you can be and create? It is a “worQbook” because it takes time and love for self to honor all that we are grateful for in our daily experiences.

We all have to work on this and bring more light and love into our lives. This journal is a great gift for you and someone special. The To Be A Woman™ Gratitude Journal is another must-have companion on your personal, transformational journey. Let it assist you as you empower yourself to attract your goals and dreams!

The To Be A Woman Signature Soul Series™ of books is a gift for you and the special people in your life. It is filled with an essence of love and awakening that inspires you to reconnect soulfully to who you really are. One step, one essence at a time, unfolding a lifetime of rewards. This Timeless Classic is for YOU.

Perfect as a favor for bridal showers, bridal luncheons, and every unique and special occasion you create!

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