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Product Description

The Protection Heart Pin™ is the perfect gift for you to…

    • Raise your self-awareness
    • Be open to love
    • Be true to who you really are
    • Bring passion to your work
    • Know you are worthy of everything your soul desires

Protect your Sacred Heart Energy. Love Yourself. Gift Yourself.

Vanda Teixeira

Vanda Teixeira

This sacred Heart Pin came together purposefully in Divine Order.

It was created by award-winning couturier and divine intuitive energy healer Vanda Teixeira to help you raise your self-love.  Vanda specializes in Soul WorQ. Her sacred gift is being able to see people’s soul blueprint. She empowers those she touches to be their true selves, and helps people move the energy that blocks them.

Most people don’t know that they need to protect their heart energy. The Protection Heart Pin makes it possible. This sacred Heart Pin supports your heart and protects your heart as a roof protects a house.

The Protection Heart Pin is created and activated on purpose. It raises your awareness to more love, less struggle. It supports your sensitive self to recognize your own truth. It supports you being true to yourself. It empowers you to stay in self-love, and to be more of Who You Are and less of who you are not.

It is the gift of true love, because it empowers self-love.

The Protection Heart Pin™ protects you from your fears and from the negative energy of others who pull at you and cause you to dim your own lights or to back down. When wearing the Protection Heart Pin™ you are setting the intention, “I promise to love myself, protect my sacred heart energy, and be true to myself.”

Our most sacred energy is our heart energy.  It is our heart energy that carries the power to stir our Souls. We all need to be more in our hearts and less in our fears. To Be More of Our Selves.  ~Vanda

The perfect and most meaningful gift for the special people in your life. Perfect for Bridesmaids gifts and for mothers of the bride and groom. Better yet, gift yourself! Exclusive, Signature Edition.

Protection Heart Pin by Vanda





Choose from white, plum, deep blue, turquoise, spring green, yellow, or red.

Wear The Protection Heart Pin™ inside your garments close to your heart. Carry it inside purses and bags for added protection. Men often pin to their wallets or inside shirt pockets.

Vanda Talks About the Protection Heart Pin:

Additional Information

Weight 0.0566990463 kg
Dimensions 12.700 x 3.1750 x 17.780 cm

Aqua Blue, Deep Blue, Green, Plum, Red, White, Yellow


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