Renew Your Space Gift Box

Renew Your Space Gift Box

Product Description

The Renew Your Space Gift Box is an exclusive Vanda Soul Treatment. Soul Treatments are wisdom, love, and power to strengthen and enrich your knowing, supporting you to be Divine. They are jewels for the soul. They are soul-to-soul journeys that take you through the step-by-step guidance to your True Self. Exploring and helping you attune to your Higher Self and purpose.

These signature Soul Treatments are life changing experiences. They support and contribute to A BLUE EARTH. They are magnificently beautiful, if you are ready…

I am….are you?

The Renew Your Space Gift Box was created to change your outcome. Just like changing your hairstyle and updating your wardrobe, or simply spicing up your lifestyle, our minds and our subconscious minds are fertile grounds for thoughts to become actions. Many of us are unconsciously aware of our true power of our subconscious minds. So we are creating mostly what we do not want. This Soul Treatment changes that as you bring focus to more of what you want to the forefront of your consciousness. It is as simple as setting an intention, however it is important to set your intention in its right space.

Take a bedroom, for example, it was created for rest, pleasure, and serenity. Yet most bedrooms are cluttered with electronics, have become arguing space, and full of restlessness. The Renew Your Space Gift Box Soul Treatment changes this outcome. Choose a room and follow your Soul Treatment card. Each Gift Box is designed for one room.

The Gift Box includes one Soulva™ Stick, a Soult™ Protection Pouch, one Soul Love candle, custom matches, the True You™ Mist Traveler, and an Intention Slip. It also includes Vanda’s Soult Treatment card and a prayer.

An exclusive, beautiful, and powerful gift. Gift yourself, and the special people in your life.

I have learned so much with these Soul Treatments. They have empowered me; I feel so alive and happy. I feel so lucky and blessed to have these to help me be more on purpose. With a heart filled with gratitude, thank you!  –  Arleen Holliday

Additional Information

Weight .68 kg
Dimensions 20.32 x 24.13 x 12.7 cm


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