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Buy a Ribbon, Make a Wish, Empower Yourself!

The Magic Ribbon™  is Filled with Magic…

MAGIC means: Manifesting Abundance Through God’s Infinite Creation

Most of us have forgotten how to make our wishes come true. We have forgotten to honor ourselves. The Magic Ribbon™ changes that. It empowers you by awakening your true inner power and raises your awareness to what you truly want for YOU. It is activated to help you make your wish come true!

Importantly, as a philanthropic product, all proceeds from the sale of The Magic Ribbon are currently being donated to support Ruwon Nepal Orphanage, which is in urgent need of food and water as they take in more orphans from the recent earthquake. Your support means the world to them, literally.

When you receive your Magic Ribbon you will receive guidance to tie it:

1. Tie The Magic Ribbon on your right wrist. Your right hand is the hand you give from, this raises your awareness to the energy you are now giving. Make Your Wish.

2. Tie the first knot. Ask for your wish. Believe in what you want, allow yourself to dream – imagine a wish that is tangible, not a feeling or vague goal. Believe that it is already fulfilled. See it coming true. You can only make a wish for yourself alone, you cannot control others.

3. Release the fear of attaining your wish. Fear is the only thing that stands in the way of what you want, so go ahead and blow that fear away and commit to making your wish come true. Tie the second knot.

4. Tie the third and final knot as you Connect to your angels or guides or the Universe and ask for support on your new and exciting journey. Honor your wish by keeping your word. Your wish has been sealed, it NOW becomes real. Listen and take action when your soul whispers to you with guidance.

All you ask for is ALWAYS Given.

Your purchase and your wish are now helping raise the energy on the planet and contributing to the care of orphans in Nepal who are so grateful for the water, food and shelter you are providing. You are now becoming the change you desire in the world! Thank you!

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