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The To Be A Woman™ Journal is a gift.

It is beautiful and assists and supports you as you connect to, and acknowledge, each Essence, and tap into the wisdom you hold for yourself. It empowers you to release the fears, blocks and old belief systems that hold you back from intuitively connecting to your soul and living as your true self. As you let go of what holds you back, you will begin the process of awakening your Essences and empowering your life from within. The beauty of this process, as it fully unfolds for you, will be captured in these exquisite pages.

The To Be A Woman™ Journal is a must-have companion on your personal journey. These pages are filled with love for you, a space for you to connect and unfold your own divine guidance and awaken aspects of yourself that have been sleeping, awaiting your return.

A woman without a personal journal is like a woman without lipstick!

The To Be A Woman™ Signature Soul Series™ of books is a gift for you and the special people in your life. It is filled with an essence of love and awakening that inspires you to reconnect soulfully to who you really are. One step, one essence at a time, unfolding a lifetime of rewards.

This Timeless Classic is for YOU. Gift Yourself.


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