The Ultimate Protection Gift Box

Ultimate Protection Gift Box

Product Description

The Ultimate Protection Gift Box was created to help and support you by clearing, and then protecting, your space at home, starting with you.

It is an exclusive Vanda Gift Box. It is designed and created to guide you to a higher vibration so that you may connect with your higher good.

Protecting your energy in your home, your space, and within yourself is as important as a roof is to a house.
The energy in your home or designated space has influence over you.
You benefit when you feel good, as good feelings create and attract more of the same.
It is when you don’t feel good that you need to pay attention to these feelings, thoughts, and vibes as they will create and attract many times what one does not want.

The Ultimate Protection Gift Box includes a Soulva™ Stick, bottle of True You™ Mist, Soult™ Bath, 4 Soult™ Protection Pouches, a Soult™ Purse Protection Pouch, and a Protection Heart Pin™.

Read the directions on how to use the Soulva™ Stick to maximize your clearing of your space. If you have had un-easy feelings, especially thoughts, or have experienced a discomfort in your space, the Soulva will benefit you markedly. Soulva™ was created to support our fast and rapidly evolving lives. Soulva™ Sticks ensure your home is divinely protected. As the Soulva Stick burns, it clears the space of stress, negativity, stagnant energy, and the energy of other people who have entered the home. It brings clarity, healing, and protection that is in the higher good of everyone in the home. And it heightens the intuition of the user and benefits everyone in the space. You will see and feel a difference.

Use the True You™ Mist throughout your space as desired and needed, enhancing your sacred space. It is formulated to re-balance, awaken, and empower your senses, which is why you feel immediate release. It clears the negative build up in your energy field, which comes from time on the computer, on the phone, over-stimulation, and chaotic environments. It mists away the feeling of stress along with the negative energy and negative thought forms from people around you, so you feel like yourself again!

Take the Soult Bath to draw out any and all impurities and negative charge of energy that you have absorbed. This is pure, untouched, unprocessed salt, from the heart of the world that has been activated and worQ’d with. This is not your normal sea salt or scented bath salt. Soult is unique. It is activated through an ancient, sacred process to literally draw out the imbalance of stress and negativity that has built up in your body’s energy field. It is a deep, purifying cleanser; emotional, mental, and physical release is achieved through this powerful Tool.

Soult is essential for clarity, focus, and for physical and emotional healing. It clears the mind, body, and chakra body system. Its activation supports the body as it detoxes, releasing trapped impurities that block your natural flow. The benefits are phenomenal: from instant emotional relief to intuitive direction. Soult EMPOWERS You. It raises your awareness and consciousness, improves your mental clarity, restores life-force energy, helps you rise above the stress and chaos of the world, and accelerates your personal growth. And this is just the beginning!

Read the Protection Heart Pin™ card and connect to your Heart Pin, raising your awareness to your heart energy. There is a subtle difference in the days that you wear the pin vs. the ones you don’t. There is a huge difference in how you feel about yourself when you wear the Pin! Most people don’t know that they need to protect their heart energy. The Protection Heart Pin makes it possible. This sacred Heart Pin supports your heart and protects your heart as a roof protects a house. The Protection Heart Pin is created and activated on purpose. It raises your awareness to more love, less struggle. It supports your sensitive self to recognize your own truth. It supports you being true to yourself. It empowers you to stay in self-love, and to be more of Who You Are and less of who you are not.

The Soult™ Pouches are purposeful. They absorb negative, harsh and stagnant energy in the room that is blocking positive energy waves, restoring balance, clarity of intuition, purity and healing. They worQ through a sound and vibrational frequency. They offer divine protection. They keep intimate space intimate! Soult™ Pouches may be used in the four corners of a room, the home, under the bed, in the car, on a desk…anywhere sacred and supportive space is desired. Place next to electronics to absorb electromagnetic surcharges, and in sacred places to enhance positive thoughts. They are versatile, beautiful, and purposeful. They will last about 3 months.

The Soult™ Purse Protection Pouch works the same as the Soult™ Pouch, protecting the items you take with you as you move through your day. Put them in purses, laptop bags and briefcases for continuous protection.

The Ultimate Protection Gift Box protects you and your space, and creates the energy that supports you as you bring your dreams to life.

An exclusive, beautiful and powerful gift. Gift yourself, and the special people in your life.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 29.3 x 29.3 x 10.16 cm


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