faf.JPGThe Beauty of Wisdom

Advanced skin care that will inspire you to be more of you. Formulations bringing both spirituality and science in balance, so beautifully orchestrated that you have to believe God touched this to remind you of your own essence within you and that you are already beautiful. The magic is inside of you, just like every bottle that has been sealed with the formula to give your skin the best to revive and feel its youth and vital self. You are going to love it, and most of all if you do your worQ you will awaken your true CHIQ.

The Evolution to REAL beauty.


Our Story

When destiny calls and you have honored your path, God shows up in the most auspicious times and gives you that chance to honor your agreements. That is pretty much what happened to me. Growing up in the beauty industry with a mother who continues to BE an inspiring icon and an awarded Aesthetician, as a GOLD SPA owner in South Africa and Europe, she (Albe) made sure that I, including my sister, Chris, always knew WHO WE WERE and that BEAUTY came from within us.


My career as been vast from being a part of the world's most prestigious brands to creating my own couture signature line to the Face and Ambassador for selling hope in a jar, have all weaved my love of expressing Beauty and Elegance together. However, there comes a time when hard work is not enough and a deeper, meaningingful life is called for and so, here I am today introducing you to my best worQ yet! 

The Collection