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House Clearing Gift Box

House Clearing Gift Box

Protect Your Space Treatment and Prayer:

 Protecting your space is important for you, as it affects your quality of life.

This Gift is designed and created to guide you and introduce you to a higher vibration. This treatment will breakdown harsh energy pockets and lower frequencies that block you.

It will get you started by raising your awareness to your personal space, then to the quality of the space that you are in. Most times our space is cluttered: full, of thoughts, energies, and ideas, many of which are not even our own.

This beautiful sleeve full of gifts includes:
The Soul Candle used to create a pause for you. To connect with your Higher Self, feel and see this connection.
The Protection Pouch used to awaken your Knowing and burn items.
Seal your Space Treatment with Prayer and Guide.
SOULva sticks:
  • Clears and purifies energy around you
  • Enhances protection
  • Creates sacred space
  • Moves non-physical; heavy and negative energy
  • Raises your vibration
  • Re-balances your own frequency
  • Clears dis-incarnates, ghosts and entities
  • Reduces addictive behaviors and patterns
  • Awakens a higher consciousness within
  • Increases focus and clarifies thinking
  • Raises your awareness of self and others
  • Improves ability to discern positive from negative energy
  • Clears your home space and your car
  • Disinfects airborne, human and plant pathogenic bacteria
  • Improves quality of relationships
  • Strengthens the barriers against harsh intrusive energies
  • Purifies the air and environment
  • Discharges static electromagnetic energy and environments

According to, (referencing ncbi.nlm) Research shows that smoke from Sage, one of the principle components of SOULva, has medicinal qualities which are becoming more accepted as an alternative and honored tool to disinfect our air space from human and plant pathogens. This is profound as the quality of our air becomes poorer in both developed and developing countries. SOULva is a great sterilizer – a tool we can use in our homes and lives. It is not only a spiritual cleanser, but an emotional and mental one bringing ease, peace, lightness of heart.

This gift of spiritual treatment is invaluable, awakening more of you as you release and create a space for more of your soul to be expressed. Learning to protect yourself is also relearning to honor yourself.

This is a simple powerful gift, as it will help you start your clearing process.

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