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SOULva™ Bar

SOULva™ Bar

SOULva™ Bar is an advanced vibrational treatment tuning for a higher internal and external frequency (performed by a SOULva™ Bar Specialist)

Here at Vanda House we call our "sage" sticks SOULva and Durga StiQs, they work best in combination as the Durga is intended to break up the energy that needs to be moved away and the SOULva moves it away. These stiQs are our own proprietary blend of the most sacred sages and herbs, bundled with love and prayer. A specialist moves around you in our gorgeous outdoor backdrop in nature with both stiQs to clear the energy that is not supporting you!

Have questions about the SOULva™ Bar energy clearings? Reserve time to speak with Dana or Dr. Michael for an assessment.

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