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SOULva™ StiQ

SOULva™ StiQ

The SOULva StiQ was created to support our fast and rapidly evolving lives.  As the SOULva StiQ burns, it clears space of stress, negativity, stagnant energy, and the energy of other people who have entered your space to support well-being. It heightens the intuition of the user, brings clarity, healing, and protection that is in the higher good of everyone.

You will see and feel a difference.

SOULva™ is a proprietary blend of organically grown herbs, bundled in prayer by women. It creates a sacred space, enhancing peace and well-being.

Ask about scheduling a complementary SOULva™ Bar Consultation.


  • Clears and purifies energy around you
  • Enhances protection
  • Creates sacred space
  • Moves non-physical; heavy and negative energy
  • Raises your vibration
  • Re-balances your own frequency
  • Clears/dis-incarnates unwanted entities
  • Awakens a higher consciousness within
  • Increases focus and clarifies thinking
  • Raises your awareness of self and others
  • Improves ability to discern positive from negative energy
  • Clears your home space and your car
  • Disinfects airborne, human and plant pathogenic bacteria
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